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SIGIA-L Mail Archives: Re: [Sigia-l] Screen and Audio Recording

Re: [Sigia-l] Screen and Audio Recording for Usability Testing

From: Karl Fast (
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 16:06:29 EST

> We're looking for recommendations for adding video and audio
> recording to our usability lab set up.

You might find my article at B&A useful:

  Recording Screen Activity During Usability Testing

The short version is that Camtasia ( is a great
choice and Hypercam ( might work well
for you depending on circumstances. It would be best to avoid Lotus
Screencam, the previous de-facto standard.
I understand that prices for both Camtasia and Hypercam have since
increased. There are some other tools out there, but I can't name
them off the top of my head.

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